Energy Conservation Audit – About Us

ECA - Energy Conservation AuditWelcome to Energy Conservation Audit! The ECA was started in October 2011 because of our desire to help inform people of simple solutions to save energy and promote greener living. The website has evolved over the course of time and is expanding from energy conservation and audits to include green energy production. We welcome any help, advice, critiques, and feedback! We also work with guest authors to help promote other “green” websites, blogs, and offline companies.

Energy Conservation Audit – Mission Statement

Energy Conservation Audit will provide the most comprehensive selection of energy audit and energy conservation resources to help promote public awareness of energy saving solutions. Energy Conservation Audit will continue to integrate true green energy solutions and provide detailed cost and efficiency analysis to promote a cleaner, greener future.

GDev – Greggle Development

Energy Conservation Audit is developed, updated, and hosted through GDev ( GDev was founded in April 2011 as a domain holding company and naturally progressed into a web development firm with Energy Conservation Audit being its first and most successful website launched with several thousand organic search visitors in the first 12 months alone! GDev’s passion for green technology and energy efficiency are evident throughout the website.

Energy Conservation Audit Future Development

ECA, thru GDev, currently owns the rights to a number of energy related domains including GDev anticipates development will begin in early 2013 as an effort to shift product focus to the Green Store allowing ECA to focus on its primary objective of increasing public awareness of energy audits and energy efficiency. We will also begin to expand our Green Energy City Reports with an aim to have the top 50 US metro profiles online by 2014. ECA will also be looking for a strategic partner to help fund our awareness efforts as traffic continues to grow monthly.