How to Become an Energy Auditor

How to Become an Energy Auditor

Before knowing how to become an energy auditor, it’s important to understand the energy auditor’s role and responsibilities. An energy auditor’s function is to examine and assesses levels of energy efficiency in a house or a commercial building. He measures consumption of energy, tracks losses on cooling and heating and verifies the function and effectiveness […]

Energy Audit Infographic – Energy Saver 101


This is a great infographic from the Department of Energy giving an explanation of the tools and processes involved in conducting an energy audit. The blower door is a great way to help accentuate heat loss on a FLIR display, but not easily obtained for conducting your own Home Energy Audit. Look for a soon […]

Nest Learning Thermostat – Review

Nest Learning Wifi Thermostat

Is the Nest an Energy Saving Eco Warrior or Just Another Cool Gadget? The Nest Learning Thermostat is an expensive top end piece of kit lauded by tech experts in the know as a must-have home energy saving device that’s rather pleasing on the eye to boot. The Nest has impeccable capability and design credentials, […]

Energy Conservation News

Celebrate Christmas with Green Gifts!

Welcome to Energy Conservation Audit’s news page! We try to keep track of relevant conservation articles and pass them along. If you are an energy writer looking for a little extra traffic or just happened to read an article that you think others would enjoy, please pass it along so we can share it with […]

Walts: Not Hype, Green Energy Equals $19 million Savings for Schools

By Dr. STEVEN L. WALTSPrince William County Public Schools Superintendent When the issue of School Division energy conservation came up at a recent Prince William County School Board meeting, the ensuing discussion caught some in the audience by surprise. To be honest, I was surprised too. After all, what could make more sense than cutting […]

Cash In the Attic: Doing a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is the best way to pinpoint where your house is wasting watts and figure out the steps you can take to shrink costly utility bills. Do you ever feel like you’re throwing money out the window? When it comes to paying your utility bills, you may be doing just that. The […]

Senate gives green light to Pentagon investment in green energy

The Navy and Air Force have pushed to use more biofuels to operate its aircraft and ships, with military leaders suggesting a greater reliance on alternative sources in the next decade to ease dependence on foreign oil. “It should tell us something that in an era of reduced Defense Department budgets, our senior leaders remain […]

Save with home energy audit

Mention the word audit to someone, and you might see fear come over his or her face. A tax audit is a serious matter. A home energy audit is just as serious because it can help you save money. It can also help you discover which areas of your home need to be more efficient. […]

Google extends commitment to green energy with $75 million investment in Iowa …

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A winter survival guide for your house

<p>This week’s sharp drop in temperatures rudely announced winter’s arrival.</p><p>Soon, we’ll experience cold wind, single-digit temps, more cold wind and snow.</p><p>If you feel like your home is a long way from energy efficient, there are lots of ways to take action. Some of them are baby steps, and some are more like giant leaps.</p><p>The giant-leap […]

In Europe, Green Energy Takes a Hit From Debt Crisis

<p> The company envisaged building more than two-thirds of its new wind, solar and other renewable energy projects in Europe after the $3.4 billion I.P.O. to capitalize on lucrative subsidies from local governments that guaranteed high returns for investors. </p><p> Yet as the Continent’s <a href=”” title=”More articles about the European sovereign debt crisis.” class=”meta-classifier”>debt […]

The Importance of Energy Audits

<p>As we’ve become a more energy-conscious society, the term “energy audit” is being heard more frequently, but has yet to be standardized. There are “do-it-yourself” energy audits; checklist energy audits offered by electric companies; contractors/tradesmen doing energy audits; and professional service firms providing audits. Each one is different in terms of scope, information provided, accuracy […]

Obama finally talks climate change; green industry wants more

<p>In celebrating his reelection Tuesday night, President Obama finally touched on a topic that he and Republican rival Mitt Romney rarely broached during the campaign: Climate change.</p><p>During his acceptance speech, Obama make a strong play to win over the green sector, ranking environmental action high up on his priority list.</p> <p>“We want our children to […]

US Leaders Must Embrace Green Energy Development

<p>In what was a more telling tale of politics than policy, President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney continued their bickering on the topic of energy independence and alternative resources up until their final days on the campaign trail. While the election was undoubtedly a crucial predictor of our nation’s economic future, it also […]

Energy Efficient Tips To Save On Heating Costs

<p> <a title=”” class=”fancy” rel=”story_group” href=””> <img src=”” width=”300″ height=”187″ alt=”” border=”0″ class=”storyImage” /></a> </p> <!– startclickprintexclude –> <!– Story Middle Ad: off –> <!– endclickprintexclude –> <p><a class=”videoLink”><img align=”top” border=”0″ src=”” height=”18″ /> Energy Efficiency This Winter – Melanie Bloom Reports</a></p> <p><a class=”videoLink”><img align=”top” border=”0″ src=”” height=”18″ /> Energy Efficient Tips To Save On […]

Do Your Part and get audited really!

<p>The word “audit” can strike fear in just about anyone. And, while I am writing about the importance of getting audited, I don’t mean that scary tax kind. I’m talking about a home energy audit and how getting one can instantly slash your utility bills. It’s an ideal way to Do Your Part and save […]

Energy audit pays off for Bay College

<p>ESCANABA – Bay College has been working toward reducing energy costs and increasing sustainability for years, and according to the results of a recent state energy audit, energy consumption across campus has been reduced significantly in more than 10 years.</p> <p>According to Chris Williams, chief information officer and sustainability coordinator at Bay College, the college […]

The Best $75 A Connecticut Homeowner Can Spend

<p>Nothing like a little autumnal chill and diminished daylight to get people thinking about their home’s inadequate insulation, leaky ducts and watt-guzzling incandescent bulbs.</p><p>They’ll get no sympathy from The Bottom Line, though, because it probably means they haven’t spent $75 on a home energy audit through Energize Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions program.</p><p>This full-house energy assessment […]

SME gets funding for student energy audit funding program

<span class=”news_header”></span> <h2>Industrial Assessment Centers will use college students to conduct energy audits.</h2> <p> </p><p> </p> <p> </p><a target=”CFE_Social” href=””></a><a target=”CFE_Social” href=””></a><a target=”CFE_Social” href=””></a><a target=”CFE_Social” href=””></a> <p> <br /></p><p>The <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)</a> has been granted $292,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy to partner SME Student Chapters with existing Industrial Assessment […]

Frontier Communications Offers Customers 100% Green Energy Services

<p class=”bwalignc”> <b>Frontier Communications Offers Customers 100% Green Energy Services</b> </p> <p class=”bwalignc”> <i> <b>Partners with Crius Energy to Provide Electric and Gas through Local Providers</b> </i> </p> <p>STAMFORD, Conn.–(<a href=””>BUSINESS WIRE</a>)– Frontier Communications Corporation (<span class=”ticker”>NAS: <a class=”tmf-ticker qsAdd qs-source-isssitthv0000001″ href=””>FTR</a></span>) , the largest provider of communications services focused on rural America, today announced […]