How to Become an Energy Auditor

How to Become an Energy Auditor

Before knowing how to become an energy auditor, it’s important to understand the energy auditor’s role and responsibilities. An energy auditor’s function is to examine and assesses levels of energy efficiency in a house or a commercial building. He measures consumption of energy, tracks losses on cooling and heating and verifies the function and effectiveness […]

Energy Audit Infographic – Energy Saver 101


This is a great infographic from the Department of Energy giving an explanation of the tools and processes involved in conducting an energy audit. The blower door is a great way to help accentuate heat loss on a FLIR display, but not easily obtained for conducting your own Home Energy Audit. Look for a soon […]

What Is An Energy Audit?

thermal imaging of a half isolated apartment building

Energy audits are used to help people save energy in their homes and offices by identifying potential leaks & reducing overall energy consumption. In a time when energy prices are rising rapidly, an energy audit can save a homeowner hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually and help businesses keep operating costs down to minimal […]

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