The Importance of Energy Audits

<p>As we’ve become a more energy-conscious society, the term “energy audit” is being heard more frequently, but has yet to be standardized. There are “do-it-yourself” energy audits; checklist energy audits offered by electric companies; contractors/tradesmen doing energy audits; and professional service firms providing audits. Each one is different in terms of scope, information provided, accuracy and legitimacy.</p>
<p>A true, problem-solving energy audit is highly customized, comprehensive and diagnostic.</p>
<p>Here is one firm’s methodology:</p>
<p>The Pro Energy Consultants’ process begins with the energy auditor discussing the home’s (or light commercial office’s) issues with the owner. Next, an electronic blower door is installed in an exterior door. Once activated, the blower door pulls air out of the house. As air comes back into the house from elsewhere, the energy auditor uses an infrared camera to in essence take an “X-ray” of the building and identify all the hidden air leaks and failed or missing insulation — the real causes for excessive energy usage and major comfort complaints.</p>
<p>A properly trained, professional energy auditor using high-tech equipment is the most effective way to pinpoint the reasons for and solve the top three building performance problems, namely:</p>
<p>1) comfort issues (such as rooms difficult to heat or cool),</p>
<p>2) excessive energy usage issues (i.e., high energy bills), and</p>
<p>3) poor indoor air quality issues (such as excessive humidity or rooms always dusty).</p>
<p>A detailed report with prioritized recommendations for maximizing the energy efficiency and comfort of the home or office is delivered to the owner within days of the energy audit.</p>
<p>To view a variety of educational videos that further describe the energy audit process, please visit: <a href=””></a>.  </p>

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