Fredonia village board approves energy audit

<p>In a special meeting held Monday evening, the Fredonia Village Board passed a resolution to begin an energy audit on numerous village buildings to determine cost savings in addition to other business.</p> <p>In the resolution, Mayor Stephen Keefe was authorized to sign a Comprehensive Energy Audit Agreement with Wendel Energy Services LLC of Buffalo. The CEA will be conducted on the wastewater treatment plant, the village hall, the Department of Public Works garage, fire department, Barker Library and museum.</p> <p>The savings “on the wastewater treatment plant alone will pay our costs of the audit in a very short time,” according to Keefe. The project is estimated by Wendel to cost $48,800 to study, half of which is to be offset by an anticipated grant from the New York State Research and Development Authority for $24,400. Costs of implementing any recommendations would not be able to be determined until after the study was completed.</p>

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<p>OBSERVER Photo by Shirley Pulawski<br />The Fredonia Village Board met to hold a special meeting on Monday evening. From left: Trustees Adam Brown and Thomas Brown II, Village Clerk Richard St. George and Mayor Stephen Keefe. Not shown: Trustees Mark Ruckman and Janel Subjack. Absent: Trustee Joseph Cerrie.<br /></p>

<p>Keefe noted the waste water treatment plant already requires many upgrades, including energy efficiency, but also construction features regarding safety and building maintenance. “We already had to do an audit on the waste water treatment plant,” Keefe said, “so we decided to look into all utilities across the village to see how we could save money. … We will net that savings quickly.”</p> <p>Wendel also guarantees any savings it predicts, Keefe said. The company will determine the baseline consumption and operational characteristics of the facilities and to identify energy conservation measures the village may choose to implement. Once the CEA is completed, the village is under no obligations to complete any of the proposed changes, either in part or in total.</p> <p>Comments on this article may be sent to</p>

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