Energy Efficient Tips To Save On Heating Costs

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<p><a class=”videoLink”><img align=”top” border=”0″ src=”” height=”18″ /> Energy Efficiency This Winter – Melanie Bloom Reports</a></p>
<p><a class=”videoLink”><img align=”top” border=”0″ src=”” height=”18″ /> Energy Efficient Tips To Save On Heating Costs – Melanie Bloom Reports</a></p>

<p>With temperatures getting cooler, now is the time to think about energy efficiency to save on heating costs.</p>

<p>You can schedule a home energy audit through Lincoln Electric System to find out where you are losing money. A service representative can pinpoint areas where you can be more efficient and save on heating costs during the winter months.</p>

<p>When it’s cold outside, here are some simple ways you can keep energy use and costs down on the inside. </p>

<p>Here are some tips from LES about preparing your home for winter:</p>

<p>Click <a href=””>here to learn more about energy efficiency in your home.</a></p>

<p>- Have your furnace cleaned and checked annually.</p>

<p>- Clean or replace furnace filters regularly. A dirty or plugged filter reduces the amount of heated air supplied to your home, increasing your heating cost.</p>

<p>- Set your thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60 degrees at night or when you are away from home more than four hours.</p>

<p>- Make sure air registers are not obstructed by furniture, carpeting or drapes.</p>

<p>- Open shades and drapes on sunny sides of your home during daytime hours and close them at night.</p>

<p>- Keep windows tightly latched.</p>

<p>- For comfort in cooler temperatures, warm clothes can be the best insulation of all. A light, long-sleeved sweater equals almost 2 degrees in added warmth; a heavy sweater adds 4 degrees. </p>

<p>- Keep fireplace damper closed unless in use. </p>

<p>- If using a portable space heater, turn down the central heating thermostat to offset the energy being consumed by the space heater. </p>

<p>- Check and add insulation to attic, exterior walls and basement if appropriate. </p>

<p>Heating costs are expected to be stable this winter. Electric and natural gas rates can vary depending on the weather, but are stable at this time.</p>

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